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Plant Sale

May 20, 2023

9:00 am til Noon

Annuals Only

Always the first Saturday after Mother's Day
Location: the Prince of Peace Church of Brethren
at 7000 S. Windermere, Littleton CO 80120

Pay regular cash $ or Venmo: <ray@rcflesher.com>
Sorry no credit or debit card sales available.

Tomatoes, Peppers,
Vegetables, Herbs and Ornamentals

Various 'vendors' will have booths
to sell their products:

Prince of Peace Church of Brethren: $2-hamburgers with chips and a bake sale.

Littleton Garden Gang: annuals only for sale at $1 to $5.


We have maintained the following information on-line for your research purposes or to answer your questions.

The number of days indicates time to mature and ripen from the date of planting out.


plant_sale Datil Pepper
A Datil Pepper is a small hot pepper found in great abundance locally here in St. Augustine. The pepper is a variety of the species Capsicum Chinese also known as "yellow lantern chili." The botanist who discovered Capsicum Chinese misnamed the plant, believing peppers of this species originated in China. The peppers actually originated in the New World, but the origins of the datil pepper, in particular, remain unknown. The fruit of datil peppers grows to be anywhere from 1/4 inch to 4 inches long, and they are a yellowish-orange color when ripe. Many people utilize the datil pepper in their recipes in order to add some kick to their Minorcan chowder or other local dishes. But what makes a datil pepper unique from other peppers? A datil pepper is similar in its heat index to a habanero, hitting at around 100,000 to 300,000 on the Scoville scale--a scale used to measure the spiciness of peppers. But unlike habaneros, datil peppers are sweet, with a fruitful tangy taste to them.

Fruit and Vegetables

Ornamentals Descriptions

Flowering Plants:

Red Salvia: 'Lady in Red' is a vigorous, tender annual (in Colorado) grown for its lush scarlet-red flower spikes. Blooming continuously from mid-spring to fall, they rise above a lush green foliage. Sterile and self-cleaning, there is no need to deadhead this plant.

High Country Roses

$22/Quart Size, with their own-root.
Same price for the past 4 years!



Sponsored by Betty Harris and Ray Flesher