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The Littleton Garden Gang, as distinct from the older and revered Littleton Garden Club, started when Betty HARRIS began teaching classes on how to grow more food in Colorado with less water. the focus was also on soil, composting, native plants, and pollinators.

These classes came about because Betty received a grant from the City of Littleton, Colorado, a part of Arapahoe County, for part of the tuition for a nine-day class at the Woodbine Ecology Center. As a condition of this grant, Betty was requested to disseminate what information she had learned at the Woodbine facility.

Betty includes in her classes such things as how to make soil (which is biology) out of our Colorado clay and dirt (which is chemistry) and provides links to other information like transplanting in the fall.

Colorado Native Plant Society has info about plants native to the state of Colorado.

Scroll down below the calendar for more information.

Littleton Garden Gang Event Schedule:
Sat Apr 13 - Plant Swap
    Details to follow.

Mon Apr 22 - Earth Day
    This is a good time to do the following:
    Volunteer with LGG to help plant trees for Littleton citizens.

Wed May 1 - Merry May Day
    Celebrate the Cross-Quarter Date 🌻
    halfway between Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice

Sun May 12 - Happy Mother's Day
    a Trinity
    👶 👩 👵
    the maiden, the mother, and the crone

Sat May 18 - LGG Annuals Plant Sale
    Always the first Saturday after Mother's Day
    Always in the parking lot of
    the Prince of Peace Ch of Breth 7000 S. Windermere
    Members of LGG can ask for a booth space
      for a $25 donation to the church.
    Each member will need to provide their own tent.
    Contact Betty A. Harris for details and reservations
    at <betty@littletongardengang.com>.

Fri Jun 21 - Happy Summer Solstice
    Merry Mid-Summer Night
    the season of the longest day of the year

Tue Aug 6 - Happy August 6th
    This is a Cross-Quarter Date
    halfway between Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox

Sat Sep 21 - 🍂 Autumnal Equinox 🍁
    Happy Autumnal Equinox
    the beginning of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere
    days and nights are now of equal length

Write to Betty at <betty@littletongardengang.com>

Here is a list of when to plant what by Paul Szilard.

Since the Planet is in a climate crisis and the citizens need to be involved in solutions, then garden gang members might want to consider joining Citizens Climate Lobby to help push elected officials.

Sometimes we study companion planting and here is an additional separate link from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

We often study recycling opportunities.

Here is Donna Berti's document showing plants that pollinators do like.

Flowers for Bees.

Here is a document by Donna Berti showing what plants Japanese Beetles do NOT like.

Here is how to grow blueberries in Colorado.

Here is concerning saving seeds in Colorado.

Write to Betty via email.

Sponsored by Betty Harris and Ray Flesher
Write to Betty's website administrator via email.